Pictures from our trip to London and Paris in June 2001

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[thumbnail for busandtaxi.jpg.thumb.jpg] Transportation London style
[thumbnail for chimera.jpg.thumb.jpg] The chimera ponders the possibility of having the Eiffel Tower for lunch.
[thumbnail for harryandbigben.jpg.thumb.jpg] Big Ben and Small Dad
[thumbnail for harryandsherlock.jpg.thumb.jpg] Yes, Watson, that is a coat (The Sherlock Holmes Museum)
[thumbnail for harryluxembourg.jpg.thumb.jpg] Versailles in bloom
[thumbnail for hydepark.jpg.thumb.jpg] Strolling in Hyde Park
[thumbnail for marinaandnotredame.jpg.thumb.jpg] Long live Gothic architecture!
[thumbnail for marinainhotellobby.jpg.thumb.jpg] Great hotel lobby- very Victorian (no pun intended)
[thumbnail for parade.jpg.thumb.jpg] Too much sun... can't see... but the Buckingham palace looks great
[thumbnail for parade2.jpg.thumb.jpg] The ants go marching one by one hurrah, hurrah. (At the parade at Buckingham Palace)
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