We went to Italy on June 11, 1999, and came back home on June 21.

We spent 3 days in Rome. Of course, the first place we went to was
the Forum (it's the Trajan column behind us) 
This is Pantheon

This is the huge square in front of St Peter's Basilica.
When the Pope talks to to the masses, this is where it happens.
In the Vatican Museum Courtyard

On our fourth day the Mendelevs joined us in Rome, and we took a train to Venice.
One of the Venetian canals, as seen from a gondola (yes, we did that).
On one of the 3 bridges over the main Venetian canal, Judecca

Piazza San Marco (San Marco Cathedral is behind us). And no, we didn't feed the pigeons
It's not Pisa. It's the leaning tower of Venice

From Venice we drove to Tuscany. We stayed in a little town of Tavernelle between Florence and Siena.
In San Gimignano with Sasha and Sveta
There is nothing like hills of Tuscany.

Monticello (or was it Montepulciano?)
Montepulciano (or was it Monticello?)

Oh beautiful Italian women!
In Siena